Hell Let Loose and Battalion 1944 are two of most ambitious World War 2 games on PC, but will they ever come to PS4?

Battalion 1944 and Hell Let Loose are gritty and realistic World War 2 first-person shooters that put Call Of Duty and Battlefield to shame, but will they ever arrive on the PlayStation 4 to rescue Sony gamers from Activision and EA?

Hell Let Loose is an up to 100 players multiplayer shooter that has just entered early access on Steam, meanwhile Battalion 1944 is a recently released title which reminds everyone how great World War 2 shooters used to be.

It’d be amazing if they both one day arrived on Sony’s console, but it’s unlikely that both of them will make the move.

Will Hell Let Loose and Battalion 1944 ever arrive on PS4?

To avoid any confusion and unnecessary waffling, there isn’t any news about Hell Let Loose coming to PS4.

It was successfully Kickstarted back in 2017 with over 5,000 backers pledging more than AU$ 300,000, and it’s currently available to buy on Steam for £24.99.

As for Battalion 1944, it’s more than possible that it will one day arrive on Sony’s system.

Unlike with Hell Let Loose, the developers of Battalion 1944 actually promised in their Kickstarter campaign that the World War 2 shooter would arrive on PS4.

Joe Brammer, the CEO of Bulkhead Interactive, told Eurogamer last year that the console version had been delayed because they were overly ambitious and naïve when setting a console release date.

However, Brammer insisted that Bulkhead is sticking to the “plan of developing a roots skill-based FPS for console,” and that an update will be provided in 2019.

Thanks to Battalion 1944 now being available on Steam, it’s now merely a waiting game for when Bulkhead will provide fans with the console update.

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