Bend Studio’s Days Gone isn’t a demanding experience even on its hardest setting, but version 1.10 adds the must play survival mode.

Days Gone is an admittedly rough around the edges PlayStation 4 exclusive that has been criticised for its protagonist’s selfish behaviour, yet it’s still a game every PS4 owner should pick up thanks to version 1.10 and Survival Mode.

And, for those who have already completed everything the game has to offer, you’ll still want to return to the zombie infested wasteland of Oregon to experience Bend Studio’s new and free additions that completely change the experience for the better.

Days Gone version 1.10: Why you need to play survival mode

Developer Bend Studio has provided LOTS of updates for Days Gone since its launch to remove a concerning number of glitches and game-breaking bugs, but – thankfully – update 1.10 offers more than just performance improvements.

Days Gone version 1.10 adds bike skins, motorcycle challenges, combat challenges, and horde challenges, along with custom skins that will allow you to run around Gravity Falls‘ Oregon as the likes of Boozer and Riku. And it all comes at the price of nothing.

While all of the above is Christmas come early for Days Gone fans, the best addition is undoubtedly Survival Mode. Similar to The Last Of Us with Grounded difficulty, Survival Mode is the fundamental and most authentic Days Gone experience.

Here’s a list of everything it includes:

  • An immersive HUD
  • Enemies will deal more damage
  • Fast Travel has been blocked in this mode
  • Survival Vision has been modified in this mode
  • Complete Survival difficulty mode for a new bike decal
  • Two new trophies have been added exclusive to this new difficulty mode

If you want to play Days Gone as realistic and suspenseful as possible, then you need to brave its World War Z wasteland on Survival Mode.

Some will no doubt be frustrated by dying over and over again, but the mode’s realism, immersion, and difficulty best suits the hostile and depressing post-apocalyptic world.

Plus, it removes the temptation of fast travel, meaning you’ll face icky situations where you’re left for dead by your motorcycle running out of gas during the night. And trust me, that’s a terrifying and scarring experience unlike any other.

Days Gone is currently a part of Sony’s Days Of Play sale, and I highly recommend that newcomers hop aboard the bandwagon now that Survival Mode is a part of the package.