Angel Has Fallen looks set to give the world what it needs, Morgan Freeman as President

Angel Has Fallen is on its way and is set to complete the ‘Has Fallen’ trilogy that began in 2013 with Olympus Has Fallen and continued in 2016 with London Has Fallen.

Gerard Butler is due to return as Mike Banning, the hard as nails bodyguard charged with the protection of the President of the United States.

However, there’s something different about the President this time around.

How Morgan Freeman’s Allan Trumbull became President

In the ‘Has Fallen’ series, Morgan Freeman has been a steadfast figure amongst the chaotic action.

Trumbull was Speaker of the House in Olympus has Fallen and was forced to act as President when the franchise’s previous Commander in Chief (Aaron Eckhart) was taken hostage by terrorists.

Second time around and Trumbull had been promoted to Vice President for London Has Fallen and served under the returning President, Benjamin Asher.

However, after being the target in two large-scale assassination attempts, Asher has clearly had enough of his role as President and left the fate of the US in the hands of Morgan Freeman’s Allan Trumbull.

Why we want Morgan Freeman as the actual President

Warning: May contain political opinions

Seeing Morgan Freeman’s character don the role as the President of the United States in Angel Has Fallen gives us solace that America might actually get a ‘proper’ President and not this reality TV star currently masquerading as the country’s head of state.

Just imagine Morgan Freeman’s cool, calm and collected demeanour and wisdom-filled speeches and compare with the angry Twitter rants of the current Commander in Grief. 

It has to be noted that Freeman has already played a President before as he took on the role of President Beck in 1998’s Deep Impact, so he has plenty of experience of at least acting like the President.

In addition to this, don’t forget that Morgan Freeman, as well as playing Nelson Mandela in Invictus, has also played the role of God before in 2003’s Bruce Almighty, just an ounce of that divine wisdom would make him a far superior President to what the US has at the moment. 

But anyway, that aside, Angel Has Fallen is set to release in cinemas across the UK on August 23rd, 2019