Microsoft sort of revealed their next-gen console at E3 2019, and a rumour says Sony is superior in the Xbox Project Scarlett vs. PS5 specs war.

Although we didn’t get to see what their next-gen console will look like, a sizzle reel by Microsoft contained a number of lofty promises and reasons gamers should abandon Sony for them. However, while Microsoft’s proclamations sounded impressive, a rumour claims that Sony is superior in the Xbox Project Scarlett vs. PlayStation 5 specs war.

Microsoft’s E3 2019 showcase was a lacklustre affair rescued by Cyberpunk 2077 (although not really because it’s a PlayStation 4 title, too). Everyone was excited to see the company’s step into the next-generation, but the reveal was more than a tad underwhelming due to not seeing the console.

However, despite not showing the console, Microsoft was adamant in declaring that their Project Scarlett is “the most powerful console we’ve made.” Unfortunately, it may not be “the most powerful console” on the market in 2020.

Xbox Project Scarlett vs. PS5 specs: Sony is superior, says rumour

It’s probably impossible to say whether the PS5 is more powerful than Xbox Project Scarlett and vice versa, but Game Informer’s executive editor, Andrew Reiner, proclaims to have heard rumours that say Sony will wipe the floor with Microsoft.

Now it’s important to stress that Reiner doesn’t state where the rumours have come from, and it’s also important to acknowledge that both consoles will be beasts.

Both consoles will be nearly identical as Project Scarlett and the PS5 will each boast real-time-ray-tracing and tailor-made SSDs which allow for faster loading times (you can check out Sony’s demonstration of the shorter loading times by clicking here).

To go into more detail, Microsoft’s Xbox Two sizzle reel proclaims that the machine will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X thanks to a custom-designed processor from AMD making use of Zen 2 and Navi archietecture.

Project Scarlett gamers will be able to run games at 120Hz frame rates with 8k resolutions, and the console will be packed with a GDDR6.

As for the PS5, Sony’s next-gen foray will boast a custom AMD Navi GPU, along with 3D audio and an SSD that uses the new PCle 4.0 connection. Oh, and it will also support resolutions up to 8k.

Not to turn this into a console war, but I’d highly recommend that gamers go off exclusives rather than hardware when choosing their next-gen system. Especially seeing as both consoles will be very similar and brag only minor differences.

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