Dora the Explorer is getting her very own movie but who’s set to star in the Lost City of Gold?

Bizarrely, Dora the Explorer is getting a live-action adventure movie of her own in a few months time.

The curious cartoon character has been exploring and educating kids since 1999 but now joins the ever-increasing list of character reimagined for a no-expense-spared live-action movie.

But who’s set to play Dora the Explorer in this new movie?

What is Dora and the Lost City of Gold about?

Unlike the TV show, which has Dora and her monkey take you on educational adventures, The Lost City of Gold is a much more traditional movie that looks to take inspiration from the Tomb Raider series. 

The film looks to take Dora out of her comfort zone of the wilderness and put her in school instead while her parents (Michael Pena and Eva Longoria) go on the adventure in her place. 

Dora and her classmates end up going on a field trip which in some way or another allows them to join in the fun as well after they are captured by menacing goons who are after Dora’s parents. 

Something that’s rather surprising about the direction they’ve taken this film is that they’ve turned Dora into a knife enthusiast, which is made evident as her bag is searched on her way into school, an occurrence that seems really strange as someone coming from the UK, where School shootings just aren’t a thing… but I digress.

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Who plays Dora?

Dora the Explorer is set to be played by up and coming actress Isabela Moner.

The 17-year-old has already been making waves in the film industry with several movie and TV appearances under her belt, the most prominent of which coming in Transformers: The Last Night and Sicario 2.

The actress, who also has a fledgeling music career will undoubtedly be hoping that starring as Dora will be a pathway to something greater down the line.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is set to hit cinemas on August 2nd, 2019. 

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