Marvel’s upcoming Avengers game boasts an incredible line-up of voice actors but who’s playing who?

With E3 well underway at this point, the gaming community has been treated to some great teasers about the games and consoles coming up in the next few months and years ahead.

One of the most highly anticipated games at the convention was Square Enix’s take on Marvel’s Avengers. The prospect of Earth’s mightiest heroes FINALLY getting a proper game of their own has generated a lot of buzz, especially after the success of last year’s Spider-Man release.

At Square Enix’s E3 conference last night we were given our first introduction to the voice cast of the upcoming title but who’s playing who?

First Impressions

From the trailer above we finally get our first glimpse at the long-awaited Avengers game.

Most of what we see appears to be pre-rendered cutscene material but it does offer up a lot of hope for eager superhero fans.

The first thing to note about the game is that, just like last year’s Spider-Man, it is not a movie tie-in. We’re set to get a brand new story not seen in the MCU.

While that may be the case, the characters’ costume designs are all very familiar for those of us who are dedicated MCU fans. But there’s an obvious and major difference between the movies and Square Enix’s upcoming game.

The Avengers themselves look nothing like their movie counterparts and for the most part that’s totally fine but it is quite jarring after spending 11 years getting to know these characters in Marvel’s cinematic universe played by some of the most recognisable actors on the planet.

Of course, it would’ve cost millions to license each Avengers actor’s likeness for the game so it makes sense to go down this different route even if it’ll take a bit of getting used to.

One thing that Square Enix and co. have totally nailed though is the voice cast for their take on Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Who’s in the voice cast?

Iron Man

Obviously, Robert Downey Jr. won’t be reprising his role as Tony Stark in Square Enix’s new Avengers game but the voice cast features someone arguably far more impressive, the bonafide King of video game voice acting Nolan North.

North has worked on nearly 200 video games in the last 20 years and he’s voiced some of the most iconic characters in the industry including Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and Assassins’ Creed’s Desmond Miles as well as working on some of the biggest and most recognisable titles in gaming.

North is a definite pull for this game and he’s surely going to bring a lot to his take on Marvel’s Tony Stark.

Captain America

The voice actor for Captain America shows a lot of promise too, Jeff Shine.

Shine is yet to appear in a major role in gaming but has offered his vocal talents to the likes of Call of Duty, Just Cause 4, Mafia III and Red Dead Redemption 2 in recent years.

His casting as Captain America will surely be a huge boost and we can’t wait to see what Shine brings to the role.


Chris Hemsworth has been replaced as Thor in the game by Travis Willingham but the Asgardian God of Thunder is definitely in safe hands.

Willingham has appeared in over 80 video games since 2005 and has played Thor before as it happens in the iOS app for Thor: The Dark World.

Besides that, Willingham has appeared in industry big-hitters like Halo, Grand Theft Auto V and played Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) in 2018’s Spider-Man. 

Black Widow

Playing Black Widow in the upcoming Avengers game will be Laura Bailey who just happens to be married to Travis Willingham, the voice actor for Thor.

Like her husband, Bailey also has an extensive video game voice acting career and has appeared in huge titles such as Halo, Gears of War and Skyrim amongst others. 

Bailey replaces Scarlett Johansson in the role of Black Widow but already has superhero game experience after voicing Mary Jane in 2018’s Spider-Man.


Taking on the role of Bruce Banner in Square Enix’s Avengers is Troy Baker, another huge name in the realm of video game voice acting.

As well as playing multiple major roles in the Batman: Arkham series, Baker also stars as Talion in both Shadow of Mordor and its sequel as well as charming audiences as the dastardly Pagan Min in Far Cry 4.

It’s safe to say that the cast Square Enix have assembled for their Avengers title is more than well-suited for the job. 

We certainly can’t wait to get our hands on a proper Avengers game at long last and we don’t have all that long to wait with Square Enix’s Marvel Avengers hitting stores on May 15, 2020.

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