Justin Bieber has unbelievably challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA fight but who’d come out on top?

I woke up this morning and as I checked the trending topics on Twitter, as you do, I noticed that Tom Cruise was among the most talked about topics.

Curious, and worried that he hadn’t died in a film stunt, I clicked to find out what the fuss was about. As it turns out, Justin Bieber, of all people, has supposedly challenged the Hollywood actor to a UFC-style fight.

Now, this is all highly unusual and seems very out of the blue, but I couldn’t help but ask, who’d actually win?

How on earth did this all come about?

As mentioned earlier, all of this seemingly came very much out of the blue.

As it happens, Bieber, out of nowhere, took to Twitter last night to challenge the Mission Impossible star to a fight, which definitely doesn’t seem very Canadian.

It’s certainly a mystery why Bieber has singled out Cruise, maybe he just didn’t like the most recent Mission Impossible film?

Cruise has not yet responded to the challenge and I would hope that he doesn’t lower himself to that level but of course, we’re all curious about who would win.

Who would win?

Well, there’s no easy way to say for certain but, with the help of Google, we can look at the stats that could determine the outcome of any potential fight.

Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber

Age: 56 – 25

Height: 5ft7 – 5ft9

Weight: 148lbs (67kg) – 145lbs (66kg) 

Experience: Stunt work on several Hollywood action movies – None

Obviously, Bieber looks like the favourite here as Cruise is more than twice his age and Bieber towers above Cruise by a whopping two inches. 

However, Cruise has extensive experience in action movies, where he’s renowned for performing a lot of his own stunts and that could play into his hands in any potential fight.

Of course, it’s unlikely to ever happen and it’d be quite surreal if it ever did but I know for a fact I’d much rather Tom Cruise wiped the floor with Bieber than the 25-year-old Canadian coming out on top.



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