Black Mirror Smithereens cast: Here's where you've seen them before!

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Andrew Scott leads the line in Black Mirror's Smithereens but who else appears alongside the former Sherlock actor?

Season 5 of Black Mirror hit Netflix last week and viewers have been powering through the new series of episodes.

The new season features the episodes Striking Vipers, Smithereens and Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. All three of which have assembled incredible casts to tell their fascinating technology-driven stories. 

The second episode has attracted plenty of attention for its poignant message and jaw-dropping acting but just who appears in the episode?

Andrew Scott

Top of the billing in episode two is, without doubt, Andrew Scott. In Smithereens, Scott plays a disgruntled Hitcher (based on Uber) driver who kidnaps an employee of a multi-billion dollar social media company called Smithereen and threatens to kill said employee unless he gets to speak with its owner and creator Billy Bauer.

Scott's performance in the episode is easily the highlight as he adds a real levity to the story and despite his actions, we don't ever stop rooting for him.

The Irish actor rose to prominence in BBC One's Sherlock in 2010 and continued his meteoric rise when he appeared in 2015's Bond movie Spectre. More recently, Scott has appeared in the brilliant second series of Fleabag and of course, Black Mirror and we can't wait to see what's next for him.    

Black Mirror Andrew Scott

Damson Idris

As mentioned earlier, Andrew Scott's character kidnaps an employee of the social media firm Smithereen, that employee, Jadon, is played by Damson Idris.

Idris is easily the most inexperienced cast member in this episode of Black Mirror but performs incredibly and works really well opposite the wide-eyed Andrew Scott.

While Black Mirror is Damson Idris's biggest role to date, he has appeared in plenty of films and TV shows so far with his biggest roles coming in The Commuter, The Twilight Zone and the BBC medical soaps Casualty and Doctors.

Damson Idris Smithereens

Topher Grace

And finally, the last major player to appear in Smithereens is Topher Grace who plays big boss-man Billy Bauer, a less-nerdy version of Mark Zuckerberg. 

Grace only appears in the episode in the final few minutes but his surprisingly down-to-earth demeanour certainly endears himself with viewers of the episode.

Topher Grace is arguably the biggest star in the episode with acting credits in more than 30 films including Spider-Man 3, Interstellar and more recently in BlacKkKlansman. 

Black Mirror Smithereens Topher Grace Billy Bauer

Season five of Black Mirror can be streamed on Netflix right now and was released on June 5th, 2019.



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