The first episode struck a chord with fans everywhere, so why was Swamp Thing cancelled?

Why was Swamp Thing cancelled? That’s the million-dollar question here. Gary Dauberman and Mark Verheiden’s live-action series has impressed audiences from the get-go, and yet, it’s to be short-lived. 

The elemental creature is often listed amongst greatest ever superhero lists and has been a favourite of many DC Comics fans since its inception in 1971. 

His DC Universe TV debut was highly-anticipated, so it’s pretty baffling that it’s been axed after just one week. 

Marais mania 

Comic-book fans and general audiences alike are invited to Marais, Louisiana by Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) as she returns to her former home. It’s not exactly a pleasant return though; she’s back to investigate a mysterious virus originating from the mysterious bayou.

Upon her arrival, she meets scientist Alec Holland (Andy Bean), who is transformed into a bizarre and intimidating entity, with Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) taking over to portray Swamp Thing. 

The trailer impressed many and it appears the show has already delivered on its potential, so the latest update comes as quite a shock. 

Why was Swamp Thing cancelled?

The Independent reports that the show has been cancelled, even though only one episode of the first series has been made available on DC Universe, Warner Bros.’ latest streaming platform. 

The remaining nine episodes are still set to be made available, but it does seem like an incredibly hasty and premature decision – what has motivated them to cancel?

The same source notes early reports of studio executives expressing doubt about Swamp Thing, acting accordingly by ordering ten episodes instead of the arranged thirteen. Although no official comment was made at the time, it seems that the series was plagued with uncertainty from the start. 

Perhaps the live-action adaptation is simply a risk they wish to break away from sooner than later. 


What do the fans think?

As you’d expect, fans have taken to Twitter to voice their frustration with the cancellation, as well as offering theories. 

Check out some of these tweets below:





It really is a shame, considering the glowing reception from fans and critics. 

Nevertheless, it looks like Swamp Thing will be yet another sorely missed opportunity that comic-book fans will reminisce with confusion. 

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