The villain for Season 3 of Jessica Jones has been revealed but why is he the perfect choice to bring and end to Jessica Jones?

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is heading back to Netflix for one final season and a brand new trailer has just been released!

The trailer showcases plenty from the third season of the Marvel TV show including the final series’ villain Gregory Salinger.

But just who is this murderous mercenary and how can he bring an end to Jessica Jones?

Who is Gregory Salinger?

In Marvel’s comics, Gregory Salinger is a mercenary who goes by the name of Foolkiller.

He doesn’t have any powers to speak of but is a well-trained mercenary and soldier for hire.

Salinger’s hunting ground is regularly the city of New York in Marvel’s comics and has appeared alongside Spider-Man, Deadpool and of course, Jessica Jones.

In the final season of the Netflix show, Salinger is set to be portrayed by Jeremy Bobb who has also appeared in Russian Doll, The Good Wife and controversially for Marvel fans, Gotham.   

How can he topple Jessica Jones?

Salinger has been drafted in for the final season of Jessica Jones and replaces David Tennant’s Kilgrave as the series’ main villain. 

With is being the final season you can expect Salinger to cause some serious trouble for Jones and co.

In the Marvel comics, Foolkiller infamously destroyed the HQ of the Defenders and I wouldn’t bet against something similar happening in Season 3.

However, as we’ve mentioned Salinger is often portrayed as a mercenary and soldier for hire, so there could well be a strong chance that he is working for someone far more sinister who hasn’t been revealed to us yet and that’s what makes Salinger the perfect choice for the final season’s main villain.

The final season of Jessica Jones is set to land on Netflix on June 14th 2019, that’s just one more week, folks!



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