Google Stadia speed test: Find out if your internet connection is good enough

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You'll want to take this Google Stadia speed test to ensure you don't waste your money on a streaming service that will just cause you headaches.

Although I couldn't care less about Google Stadia due to being an old man at heart who is pessimistic about all of its "revolutionary" promises, there's no denying that a lot of gamers are excited about the upcoming streaming service. However, before committing yourself to a Google Stadia future, you'll first want to conduct a speed test to ensure your internet connection is good enough.

Google yesterday revealed the UK price and launch date for the Founder's Edition, and they also discussed the internet speeds necessary for smooth streaming.

Google Stadia speed test

The tech-giant proclaims that Stadia will run at 720p, 60fps on a minimum connection of 10Mbps, but - for obvious reasons - gamers are sceptical about this resulting in a stream that will spare them of pulling their hair out and smashing their computer screens.

In order to avoid becoming stressed, bald, and knocking 20-years off your life, Google recommends a 35Mbps connection for the best experience.

To stop yourself from wasting over £100 on a streaming service your internet connection might not be suitable for, you can conduct a speed test by clicking here.

Google partnered up with M-Lab to provide the network speed test relevant to the Google Stadia service, meaning you'll immediately find out whether your internet connection is the recommend minimum, best, or somewhere in-between.

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