Fortnite: What happened to Polar Peak? How to find the escaped eye monster

Fortnite Polar Peak Eye Monster

Everything you need to know about what happened to Polar Peak and where the escaped eye monster is in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Battle Royale gamers have woken up and the first thought on their mind is: what the f**k happened to Polar Peak and where is the friggin' monster with the huge eye? Well, below you can find an explanation as to what exactly happened and how you can find the missing beasty.

In the last season, Fortnite's Polar Peak was struck by a volcanic rock, and this resulted in some cracks appearing in the iceberg.

Through update v9.10, more cracks and noises began to surface, and it was later revealed that a beasty was confined within the ice prison. This struggling to escape monstrosity would follow the closest player with its eye, but participants in the hunger games were always safe from being mauled.

However, things have since changed.

What happened to Polar Peak and where is the escaped monster?

No longer trapped within Superman's Fortress of Solitude, the monster with the huge eye has broken free from the Polar Peak iceberg.

Fortnite: Battle Royale participants will quickly find that the iceberg is shattered and that the Ice Castle no longer exists.

We don't know how the creature escaped its prison, but we do know how to find and possibly see it.

Data-miners looking at the files for the v9.20 update have noticed changes to the Polar Peak map. This significant tweak shows footprints from Greasy Gove to the edge of the map (image courtesy of Fortnite Insider), which suggests that the mysterious creature is hiding underwater.

Fortnite Polar Peak Map Footpints

According to data-miner FortTory, the monster is "100% in the water" and its sound can be heard travelling up and down the waves.



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