Who died in Smithereens? The tragic end to Black Mirror episode 2

Black Mirror Andrew Scott

Season 5 of Black Mirror hit Netflix with a bang yesterday. But the second episode has left some fans with questions

Black Mirror's fifth season dropped on Netflix yesterday and viewers have already been binge-watching their way through the show's three new episodes.

Season 5's second episode, Smithereens, has struck a chord with many fans for the incredible performance of Andrew Scott (Sherlock, Fleabag) that completely stole the show.

The ambiguous ending of the episode, however, has left many wondering just who died in Smithereens.

What's the episode about?

Smithereens follows a disgruntled Hitcher (based on Uber) driver as he kidnaps an employee of a huge social media firm called Smithereen and threatens to kill said employee if he doesn’t get to speak to the company’s billionaire boss.

Little do we know at first but Smithereens takes some quite heart-wrenching twists and turns that make for a truly exceptional episode of Black Mirror

Who's in it?

Black Mirror Smithereens Andrew Scott

The bonafide star of the episode is without doubt Sherlock's Andrew Scott who plays the aforementioned Hitcher driver. Scott absolutely steals the show and it is no surprise to see that Netflix heavily used the actor in the series' promotional material.

Scott's performance is elevated by an impressive cast who all have a part to play in the episode.

The most prominent of these is the kidnapped Smithereen employee, Jadon Tommins (Damson Idris), who reacts to Scott brilliantly and helps to offer up one of the biggest laughs of the episode.

And of course, there is the billionaire boss of Smithereen, Billy Bauer, played by the surprise inclusion of Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3, Interstellar and BlacKkKlansman). Grace is excellent as the less-nerdy version of Mark Zuckerberg and his interactions with Scott towards the end of the episode are enthralling.

Black Mirror Smithereens Topher Grace Billy Bauer

Who dies in Smithereens?

However, most of the episode sees Scott's Hitcha driver embroiled in a tense stand-off with police as he waits to get into contact with Billy Bauer. 

Throughout the episode, it's teased that someone is getting shot in the stand-off and that's just how Smithereens ends.

However, we're not actually shown who gets shot as the ending makes it fairly ambiguous. It's unclear whether it's Scott's driver or his kidnapped victim, or even both of them, who bites the dust as the pair's in-car struggle prompts the police sniper to open fire.

Black Mirror Smithereens Car

The reaction of those on the phone with Scott's character doesn't help our cause as their blasé 'oh well' reactions give off little clue.

Chances are though, that it's sadly Scott's character who meets his tragic end as the Smithereen big-wigs seemingly just return to going about their business once they receive the news likely informing them that their employee is safe and that they're in the clear.

Season 5 of Black Mirror is available to watch now on Netflix.



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