Pom Klementieff's surprise appearance in Black Mirror is a far cry from Marvel's Mantis

Black Mirror Striking Vipers Roxette

Season 5 of Netflix's Black Mirror hit the streaming service yesterday and fans of the show have spotted an unexpected familiar face

The new season of Netflix's Black Mirror dropped yesterday and fans of the show have already been busy binge-watching the three new episodes of the dystopian TV show which is feeling more and more like real life with each new series.

Season 5's new episodes include Striking Vipers, Smithereens and Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too and all are available to watch now over on Netflix.

However, viewers of the show have picked up on an unexpected appearance in the series' first episode, Striking Vipers.

It's only briefly alluded to in the trailer above, but the first episode of the new series features a game called Striking Vipers which is very reminiscent of the fighting games Tekken or Mortal Kombat.

One of the characters in this Tekken clone is Roxette and yes, she is indeed played by Pom Klementieff, the very same actress who plays Mantis in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Mantis

But what on earth is she doing in Black Mirror?

Like the series as a whole, the story of Season 5's first episode is definitely very 'out there'. 

Danny (Anthony Mackie) and his best friend Karl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) discover a new virtual reality take on their favourite video game Striking Vipers. Over the years, the pair always chose the same characters from the game, Lance and Roxette.

Black Mirror Striking Vipers Main

This new version of the game allows them to become their chosen characters inside the game itself, bringing about a whole new virtual experience, in more ways than one. 

Eagle-eyed viewers instantly picked up on the fact that the new version of Roxette was played by a familiar face. 

Klementieff's appearance in Black Mirror is certainly a far cry from her role in Marvel's MCU but her inclusion, no matter the strange circumstances, was a welcome addition to the episode. 

Black Mirror Striking Vipers



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