What is Catch-22 on channel 4? Well, it’s certainly worth knowing about.

For those wondering about Catch-22 on channel 4, let’ take a look at this exciting new TV mini-series. It’s actually based on the novel of the same name, written by Joseph Heller; it was published in 1961. 

The show aired on Hulu in the United States in May, but it’s being brought to UK audiences courtesy of the ever-brilliant channel 4. 

So, why is it attracting such discussion?

Catch-22 on channel 4

This comedy-drama series is set to follow Captain John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott, It Comes At Night) and an assemblage of army airmen during World War II. They are all striving to keep their sanity intact while fulfilling their roles to ensure a safe return home.

It’s a classic and thematically rich novel and is sure to draw in audiences, but it’s the cast which truly has all of our attention. 

Let’s take a look at the terrific performers present in Catch-22.

Catch-22 cast

Starring alongside Abbott, we have the likes of Kyle Chandler (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Graham Patrick Martin (Two and a Half Men), but most notably, the one-and-only George Clooney also appears.

The Hollywood star has amazed us across The Descendants, Burn After Reading, Ocean’s Eleven and many more. Here, he plays Scheisskopf, a lieutenant who works his way up the ranks throughout. 

It’s a stellar cast and we can’t wait to see what the series has in store… when can we see it?


Catch-22 airdate

The mini-series is comprised of six episodes, the first of which will air on channel 4 on Thursday, June 20th 2019. 

US audiences have already attested to its quality, and UK audiences are sure to enjoy this thought-provoking and star-studded revision of one of the most important twentieth-century novels. 

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