PS4 gamers can now download update 6.71, but does it fix the intrusive CE-32809-2 error that was introduced to many with patch 6.70?

Sony has released update 6.71 for the PlayStation 4, and the question many gamers have is what does it improve and does it fix the cannot start application error CE-32809-2.

The new patch is available to download right now, and it arrives less than a week after update 6.70.

It wasn’t clear as to what update 6.70 was designed to accomplish as Sony simply stated that it “improves system performance”, but it – unfortunately – introduced the CE-32809-2 error for a lot of PS4 gamers.

Does PS4 update 6.71 fix cannot start application error CE-32809-2?

Sony’s update 6.70 introduced a number of PS4 gamers to error CE-32809-2, and this resulted in them not being able to play downloaded video games such as Trover Saves The Universe by Rick And Morty creator, Justin Roiland.

Similar to update 6.70, it’s not entirely clear what patch 6.71 accomplishes as Sony again simply states that it “improves system performance”.

Update 6.71 is an entirely optional download that isn’t required to keep playing online and sign into the PlayStation Network, but you’ll probably want to download it anyways as it’s only 464MB and it likely resolves error CE-32809-2.

However, if Sony’s newest update doesn’t resolve the intrusive error for you, there’s a simple fix you can follow by clicking here.

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