There’s a super easy solution to fixing PS4 error CE-32809-2 so you can unlock and enjoy your downloaded games.

PlayStation 4 gamers have recently come across a “cannot start application” error CE-32809-2, and this has prevented them from being able to play downloaded games such as Trover Saves The Universe.

The issue was brought about by the PS4 firmware update 6.70, but – fortunately – there’s a really easy fix that will allow gamers to enjoy their downloaded titles in mere seconds.

How to fix PS4 error CE-32809-2

For some people, the easiest solution could be to simply restart the console. So, before you start messing about with your account settings, you should definitely first try the trusted on-and-off method.

However, if that doesn’t work, then you can try removing the error by restoring the licenses for your PS4 account.

To restore the licenses, all you need to do is select Settings, Account Management, and then Restore Licenses.

And, if this doesn’t work either, what will remove the pesky error is disabling the console as your primary PS4. If you disable the console as your primary PS4 and then reactivate it, your downloaded games should be unlocked and available to enjoy.

To disable the console as your primary PS4, you simply select Settings, Account Management, Activate As Your Primary PS4, Deactivate, and then Yes.

Then, to reset it as your primary PS4, you follow the same steps but select Activate. Just to be safe, you’ll probably want to restart the console afterward.

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