EA has published FIFA 20 pitch notes to show gamers how they are improving a bunch of gameplay mechanics and features.

E3 2019 is right around the corner, meaning football hooligans will soon see what’s in store for the next iteration of football gaming from EA, FIFA 20. There has previously been very little news about what the loathed developer/publisher intends to improve, but they have now published a detailed compilation of pitch notes.

The Women’s World Cup has been patched into FIFA 19, yet that hasn’t stopped gamers from solely having eyes on the next recycled iteration of FIFA.

FIFA 20 will probably be released on September 27, and you’ll likely be able to prematurely buy the installment on June 8.

And, although it probably won’t be any different from FIFA 19, EA has done their best to convince you that they are improving a lot of mechanics.

FIFA 20 pitch notes: How EA plans to improve defending, shooting, and more

EA has posted a detailed compilation of pitch notes for mechanics and features they intend to improve with FIFA 20 and beyond.

A.I. Defending

FIFA 20 will feature a renewed defending system, with manual defending being emphasised and rewarded with better results.

There will be a new system called Planned Tackling, and it’ll reward manual defending with players recovering the ball or kicking it to a nearby teammate.

In addition, there’ll also be an improved jockey system with more agility and precision.

1v1 Shooting Consistency

To try and spare players of the humiliation that comes with missing an easy one-on-one opportunity, EA has improved 1v1 shooting accuracy.

While players will find it easier to land shots on target, goalkeepers will have less superhuman reactions.

Timed Finishing

Timed Finishing was introduced in FIFA 19, and it’ll be finetuned in FIFA 20.

The Green Time Window for timed shots will be reduced, making it a harder skill that requires more finesse, and the timed shot accuracy will be less precise.


The passing in FIFA 20 will be a lot more accurate and easier to pull off in no pressure situations where players aren’t too far apart, but first-time and pressured passes will be slower and more vulnerable to interceptions.

Dinked passes are slightly elevated ground passes that will help players avoid the opposition’s legs, and they will only happen intentionally through manual execution.

There will also be a driven pass-and-go mechanic that will result in stronger mobility and positioning when attacking; this change will remove the L1+R1+pass button-combo.

Overall improvements

EA also discuss improvements to chained skill moves, set-piece positioning, manual goalkeeper movement, and player switching over on their website, but none of it comes across as revolutionary changes.

Rather than making slight tweaks and introducing licenses such as the Champions League, FIFA 20 sorely needs to improve the game’s outdated career mode. Although it’s not the hip thing to say, Pro Evolution Soccer has been superior to FIFA for a number of years now, and I don’t see things changing anytime soon as EA just wants to recycle the same product and focus on Ultimate Team.

EA will livestream FIFA 20 gameplay on June 8 at EA Play.

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