Dissecting the Ad Astra meaning in Brad Pitt’s latest film

Ad Astra dir. James Gray 2019

The Ad Astra meaning lends the film a poetic and captivating quality, so let's explore it further.

What is the Ad Astra meaning in Brad Pitt's latest film? Well, let's take a look. The movie itself is directed by James Gray, who has previously helmed The Lost City of Z, The Immigrant, Two Lovers and We Own the Night. He certainly boasts an accomplished body of work, but his forthcoming blockbuster promises to be his most substantial project yet. 

With Brad Pitt (The Tree of Life) in the central role and a supporting cast featuring the likes of Liv Tyler (The Strangers), Tommy Lee Jones (No Country For Old Men) and more, Ad Astra is pretty difficult to ignore. Now that the trailer has dropped, we've caught a more thorough glimpse into the film's inventive sci-fi narrative...

Ad Astra dir. James Gray 2019

What is Ad Astra about?

Pitt plays an astronaut who travels to the very ends of the solar system in search of his father. As expected, things don't exactly pan out swimmingly; as the plot begins to thicken, it appears that the fate of Earth is severely under threat.

Touching upon the idea of extraterrestrial life and numerous classic sci-fi themes, the film confronts the nature of human existence and beyond. 

The trailer teases a high-concept, spectacle-driven adventure into space, but it's clearly aiming for a hard sci-fi edge in the vein of something like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Ad Astra meaning

When the film's title was announced, a few were left scratching their heads; what does it mean?

Well, it's actually a Latin phrase which translates to "to the stars". Of course, this can be taken literally in the case of Gray's film, which sees Pitt's character - Roy McBride - venturing out into the far reaches of our solar system. 

However, it also has connotations of aiming to achieve the impossible; to pursue the unreachable. Roy's mission sounds incredibly difficult, but such is the power of cinema, nothing is unexplorable. It's a nifty little title. 

Ad Astra release date

It arrives in UK cinemas on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019. 

This is one expedition you certainly won't want to miss. 

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