Is there a way to download the ITV Hub on PS4 to enjoy the likes of Love Island, The Only Way Is Essex, and Coronation Street?

The PlayStation 4 is one of the best places to Netflix and chill, as well as to watch programmes from BBC iPlayer, All 4 (which boasts Rick And Morty) and Demand 5, but people still want to know how to download the ITV Hub app.

ITV has recently had to apologise to consumers because of how their app suddenly stopped working, sending dozens of people into a crazed frenzy as they became stuck in a hellish loop of being asked to log in.

In one of their many tweets responding to disgruntled fans of Coronation Street and other exclusive hit shows, ITV provided an update on when the app will be on ps4 and available to download. And it’s not particularly good news.

Where is the ITV Hub app on PS4?

The English channel has recently had to respond to a slew of negativity thanks to the trouble people have had logging in to the app.

ITV supposedly fixed the issue, but people still had issues and had to go to the extent of uninstalling and re-installing the app.

Along with complaints about trouble logging in and how the app doesn’t offer live TV on all versions, there has also been warranted criticism for the app not being on the PS4.

Not being on the PS4 is something people have the right to complain about as ITV’s competitors (BBC iPlayer, All 4 and Demand 5) are all on Sony’s console.

ITV has provided an update about the app’s absence from the PS4, but it’s ultimately a fruitless acknowledgment that offers absolutely nothing.

With the ITV Hub app not being available on PS4, this – of course – means you can’t watch the likes of Love Island and TOWIE on Sony’s platform.

You can access ITV live and catch-up through the Sky Go/TV from Sky apps, but that would require you to be a paying Sky customer.

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