Is PlayStation 4 icon Kratos gay? God Of War director pulls a J.K. Rowling

God Of War Baldur Death

It’s LGBT+ Pride Month, and the director of God Of War has turned into J.K. Rowling by saying Kratos was initially bi or gay.

Kratos is one of PlayStation’s most iconic protagonists thanks to the God Of War series being one of the most brutal, barbaric, and now emotionally heavy franchises in the video games market, but you would have never guessed that the former spartan warrior was gay or bisexual.

The latest God Of War has joined The Last Of Us and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End as one of the PlayStation 4’s best-selling exclusives, and this naturally means that it has a huge and passionate fanbase.

One of the many fans posted an image of Kratos celebrating LGBT+ Pride Month, and this – unfortunately – resulted in a lot of hoopla. And, in response to the mindless controversy, the director of God Of War proclaimed that Kratos was initially a “raging bi-sexual”.

God Of War 2

Is God Of War’s Kratos bisexual?

David Jaffe, the director of God Of War (2005) and God Of War 2, responded to an image of Kratos donning a “We are all human” t-shirt by pronouncing that the world’s toughest dad is “officially bi”.

Jaffe’s sudden proclamation that Kratos was/is bisexual was very reminiscent of J.K. Rowling pretending Harry Potter's Dumbledore was gay all along, but the former God Of War director quickly clarified that he was simply “trolling” homophobes.

So, as things stand, Kratos is simply straight, but that doesn’t mean the god of war can’t or shouldn’t be shown celebrating pride month.

The backlash to the fan picture of Kratos wearing a pride shirt is – sadly – reminiscent of when The Last Of Us’ director, Neil Druckmann, was accused of “pushing an agenda” for simply retweeting fanart of Uncharted’s Chloe and Nadine embracing each other.

LGBT+ gamers and mere fans of God Of War were frustrated that Jaffe’s sudden reveal was nothing more than a joke designed to “take the p**s out of all the haters,” and the former God Of War director responded by saying he’s sorry if he offended any of his LGBT folk.

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