Gay pride Xbox controllers and console skins to celebrate LGBT+ Pride Month have been announced, leading some gamers to threaten to buy a PlayStation 4.

It’s LGBT+ Pride Month, and Microsoft is celebrating the occasion by selling gay pride Xbox controllers and console skins. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the predictable backlash of some gamers on Twitter saying that they’re going to abandon the platform for the PlayStation 4.

The LGBT Pride collection can be found over on the Microsoft store, and it includes a range of console and controller skins featuring the iconic rainbow Pride flag, the Trans Pride flag, and variations of the two.

In addition, there’s also a range of LGBT+ themed t-shirts with delightful puns including “Gaymer”. Although the themed skins and clothing is completely optional and in no way intrusive, there’s still a small number of Xbox gamers who have threatened a mutiny.

Xbox gamers threaten to buy PlayStation 4 consoles because of gay pride controllers

Microsoft posted a “Play with Pride” tweet with an image of pink and blue Xbox controllers with the console’s iconic badge rainbow coloured, and some gamers responded by saying that they are going to hop aboard the PlayStation wagon.

Unfortunately for the small minority of gamers threatening to move to PlayStation to avoid the LGBT politics, they were quickly reminded that PlayStation celebrates diversity, too.

And, in addition to PlayStation, Twitter users in support of Microsoft also reminded the detractors that Nintendo Switch has hosted pride marches as well.

Some members and supporters of the LGBT community were critical of Microsoft’s “empty capitalism” and “artificial pandering”, but most of the war in the replies were about why heterosexual people don’t have pride weeks and months.

PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and a number of developers have been vocal in their support of the LGBT community, and – although the Pride Month can be accused of rainbow-washing – a line-up of skins for controllers and consoles ultimately doesn’t hurt anyone as it’s completely optional and non-intrusive. 

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