Death Stranding possible PC release and language selection options

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Hideo Kojima has confirmed the language options for Death Stranding and there are still reasons to be hopeful about a PC release.

Sony has just announced the release date for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, and the video game auteur has shared more details about the upcoming title and its language options. The trailer that revealed the ambitious game’s launch date was certainly a spectacle that would cause all non-PlayStation 4 gamers to look on with envy, but master race gamers can still cling onto the possibility that it’ll one day be available on PC.

Death Stranding is Kojima’s newest project since departing the sinking ship of Konami, and it stars an incredible cast with Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, Guillermo Del Toro, and Troy Baker.

It’ll officially launch for the PlayStation 4 only this Fall, yet there’s still the possibility that it could arrive on other platforms in the future.

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Will Death Stranding be available on PC?

As of this moment, Kojima’s Death Stranding is a PlayStation 4 only title. However, as seen with other PS4 exclusives like Detroit: Become Human, that doesn’t mean it can’t end up on PC and the Epic Games Store in the future.

Sony’s original deal with Kojima Productions included a PC version for Death Stranding, and PC Gamer has noted that the release date reveal trailer doesn't include the “Only on PlayStation” tag.

Furthermore, at the Tribeca Film Festival, Kojima was asked about if Death Stranding will still arrive on PC, and the renowned director didn’t reject the possibility.

It’s possible Death Stranding could be a PlayStation 4 exclusive seeing as Kojima Productions relied on some of Sony’s in-house resources thanks to working with Guerilla Games, but the possibility of a PC release is still open because of the confusing marketing.

The promotional art for pre-ordering the deluxe edition doesn’t include the “Only on PlayStation” tag that was seen for Days Gone and Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Death Stranding wasn’t included in Sony’s PlayStation only campaign with The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima.

A PC release is by no means guaranteed, but if it happens it’ll be a while after the PlayStation 4 launch.

Death Stranding Lea Seydoux

Death Stranding has Japanese and English language options

Kojima recently shared on Twitter that there will indeed be language options for the Japanese version of Death Stranding.

The title will include both Japanese and English audio, as confirmed by one of the auteur’s many tweets about the upcoming title.

Death Stranding launches for PlayStation 4 on November 8.

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