HBO, Chernobyl: How Anatoly Dyatlov not only survived but left a historic legacy

Chernobyl Paul Ritter As Anatoly Dyatlov

The HBO miniseries on Chernobyl has shed some new light on the key figures of the disaster. One of the most prominent being Anatoly Dyatlov

HBO's latest miniseries, Chernobyl has been a harrowing reminder of the devastation left by the reactor explosion that took place in 1986.

The five-part series is set to come to an end tonight as the final episode is broadcast on HBO (and tomorrow on Sky Atlantic for UK viewers) and there's one character in the series who's attracted our attention.

That character is the man many have blamed the Chernobyl disaster on, Anatoly Dyatlov.

Dyatlov (who is played by Paul Ritter in the HBO miniseries) has taken a crucial role in the show because of the real-life events that came to light in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster.

See, Anatoly Dyatlov was managing the ill-fated test that caused the earth-shattering explosion in the nuclear reactor.

According to the show, and reports from workers at Chernobyl, Dyatlov demanded that the test be carried out, despite a number of problems occurring that meant the test broke the plant's safety guidelines.

In the aftermath, Dyatlov was blamed for the disaster but remained adamant that it was not his fault. Something he later made clear in a book he wrote about the Chernobyl catastrophe.

Chernobyl Paul Ritter As An Older Anatoly Dyatlov

What makes Dyatlov so fascinating, however, is the fact that he somehow survived the radiation poisoning that he picked up as a result of the explosion. He battled against a 50% chance of dying within 30 days of the disaster and managed to live on for another nine years, only dying in 1995 as a result of heart failure.

In the series finale, we can expect to see the trial that followed the Chernobyl disaster which saw Dyatlov and other high-ranking officials imprisoned for the role they played in the disaster and its aftermath. 

While Dyatlov's name might not be the most famous in history, the legacy left behind by the Chernobyl disaster is something that will never be forgotten.

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