The Evil Within 3 reveal at E3 2019? Yes, please!

The Evil Within 2

Shinji Mikami will be at E3 2019, and this has led to speculation that Bethesda will announce The Evil Within 3. Please, God, let it be true.

E3 2019 is fast approaching, and there’s a ton of speculation about what surprise reveals gamers can expect. Watch Dogs 3 is a likely candidate, a new BioShock is a fantasy that will most likely remain a wet dream, and another Batman with the Court Of Owls is a fifty-fifty wildcard. However, another possibility that has me in particular excited is the potential reveal of The Evil Within 3 at Bethesda’s showcase.

The Evil Within is an underappreciated horror series that should have way more fans that it does. Sebastian’s return to the land of terror wasn’t a financial hit, but it at least ended on a note that suggested a third installment was possible.

And now it appears that a third installment really is possible as Shinji Mikami has teased that he’ll be at E3 2019.

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Tango Gameworks deserve to make The Evil Within a trilogy

Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil 4, Vanquish) was the director of the original The Evil Within, and he has teased on Twitter that he’ll be at E3 2019.

This has naturally fuelled speculation that The Evil Within 3 will be unveiled at Bethesda’s E3 showcase, but I have my reservations.

Mikami was an executive producer on The Evil Within 2 rather than the director, meaning it’s possible that the renowned creator could announce a new title he’s been working on since The Evil Within launched in 2014.

Plus, The Evil Within 2 was only released less than two years ago in 2017, which makes me skeptical of any third game announcement as there hasn’t been too long a gap in development time.

Still, The Evil Within 3 wouldn’t be releasing this year, so perhaps it is possible for Bethesda to make me like them again by revealing the return of Sebastian and Kidman.

Although Tango Gameworks’ sequel didn’t sell particularly well, the developer still deserves to turn the series into a trilogy. Yes, The Evil Within 2 technically ended on a perfect send-off for Sebastian with him rescuing his daughter, but there were still incomplete plot threads that left the franchise’s story unfinished.

There wasn’t any DLC released for The Evil Within 2, and this makes it possible and likely for a third installment to have Sebastian and Kidman return to the terrifying world of STEM to rescue the once believed to be dead Joseph Oda.

Most people gave up on The Evil Within due to believing Mikami’s original was a stiff, rough around the edges ode to classic horror that hadn’t moved on with the times, but The Evil Within 3 is something that needs to happen.

Although I very much loved The Evil Within thanks to its creepy aesthetics, somewhat compelling narrative, and its unapologetic difficulty, the series’ sequel improved upon pretty much everything (except Sebastian’s voice) and fixed the issues the majority of gamers still haven’t stopped complaining about.

The Evil Within 2 was an innovative and unforgettable nightmare with its Silent Hill 2 meets Resident Evil gameplay, and there’s no other horror series (as of right now) that provides as terrifyingly creative ghouls, monsters, and locales. It was a love letter to the horror medium and the survival horror subgenre, and the reveal of a third entry would make me stupidly excited.

We won’t have to wait too long to find out if The Evil Within 3 is happening or not as E3 2019 is literally right around the corner. Hopefully, Mikami’s tweet isn’t a false alarm, or – at the very least – the renowned director is ready to announce a new IP.

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