Atlus, the developers for the upcoming Persona 5 Royal, have teased a “surprise announcement” for Catherine: Full Body at E3 2019.

Persona 5 The Royal is coming out in 2019 for Japan only, but western fans of Atlus needn’t threat as the developer is soon releasing the seductive and wacky soft remake, Catherine: Full Body. With only mere months until its highly-anticipated launch, the USA branch of the Japanese developer has teased a “surprise announcement” for an E3 2019 afterparty. Will it be the reveal of even more DLC?

Catherine: Full Body is a soft remake of 2011’s Catherine; a saucy nightmare which pitted Vincent in the oh so unfortunate predicament of having to pick between two lovely women.

The soft remake includes a new love interest named Rin, and it also includes the ability to play as Catherine, Katherine, Boss, and even Persona 5 Royal’s Joker.

Will Atlus announce Catherine: Full Body DLC at their E3 2019 afterparty?

Atlus USA has announced that they will be holding a Catherine: Full Body E3 2019 afterparty on June 12 in Los Angeles, California.

You can check out the event’s details over on Eventbrite, but – unfortunately – the party is completely sold out.

Per the official description, the party is a chance to “Experience a more mature side of the expo as you sip on Catherine-themed libations, take captivating pictures at our photoshoot, be enticed by the sounds of our live in-house DJ, and get your waiting hands on the game at one of our demo stations.”

In addition to “exciting swag” and alcoholic beverages, the party will also include a “surprise announcement for Catherine: Full Body!”

As for what this surprise announcement is, it’s impossible to guess.

Atlus has said they don’t have any plans for Catherine’s future and the announcement is specific to Catherine: Full Body, so the chances for the reveal of a sequel is zero.

Catherine: Full Body has already been released in Japan and the pre-order bonuses and extras for the west have already been announced, meaning it’s really hard to predict what Atlus has up their sleeve.

More cosmetic DLC or free updates seem the most likely outcome, but we’ll just have to wait until June 12 between 21:00 and 01:00 PDT to find out.

Catherine: Full Body is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that will launch in the west on September 3.

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