Skepta’s new album Ignorance Is Bliss was released on Friday, May 31st and has been well received by critics. Here’s a look at some of the best and worst lyrics from the album.

Skepta’s Ignorance Is Bliss is his first album since the Mercury Award-winning Konnichiwa album in 2016.

His 2019 follow-up is punchy, raw and was produced with a lot less outsider influence. It’s grime in its truest form yet infused with sounds from across the globe in true pioneer fashion.

Opening tracks Bullet From A Gun and Greaze were well received during their pre-release on YouTube while No Sleep and Same Old Story feel as revolutionary as the likes of Lyrics and It Ain’t Safe from the Konnichiwa release.


Best of the Best: Track 4. No Sleep


You keep missing out, should’ve stayed up. He got blacklisted, should’ve paid up. Pound coins in the piggy bank, gotta save up. Slept on the floor, never gave up. Now my ex-girl wanna kiss and make up.


Saw me on the front cover of the magazine and she said that it’s perfectly fine. Now she got the bees and the birds on her mind.


Track 1. Bullet From A Gun

Like a bullet from a gun it burns, when you realise she was never you girl it was just your turn.


When I was a young boy, mum told me what my name really means and the power just kicked in.


Every day, I laugh at these n***** online. Another one, here today, gone tomorrow, d*ck-ridin for some likes and a follow.


Recently, I’ve been learnin’ a lot. All I know is there’s no better feeling than gettin’ home and seein’ my little girl in a cot.


Track 10. You Wish

I get on the stage and I’m crushin’ it, Uptown girl says she can’t get enough of it.


Never used to smile for the camera. A Dickie head, and a white t-shirt, that’s my default character.


Track 7. Same Old Story

And I can’t even do the fake love, there ain’t no pretendin’. Thought that I found my partner-in-crime, my co-defendant. But it’s like watchin’ a film and you already know the endin’.


But I feel like I’m in love with the pain, fam, ’cause it’s the same old story. Same old questions, what’s your body count? Who were you linkin’ before me?


Said she loved me ’cause I wasn’t like the rest. I rock and roll, I don’t like the stress. Now the friendship’s based on how quick I reply to text.


Valentine’s Day, it’s all sweet and rosy, spend every other day just tryna score points like Kobe.

Track 2. Greaze

I’m gonna need some palm wine (Yeah), I’m gonna need some pepper soup.

 Not quite so cool… Track 4. No Sleep

Man wanna jump on the wave, don’t let ’em get cosy. Ask me to describe myself in one word, I’d rather use an emoji.


Track 5. What Do You Mean

New whip lookin’ like a spaceship, you’re lookin’ like you’re stuck inside The Matrix.


Track 8. Love Me Not

Too many girls wanna be my main squeeze. How can I bless you when you didn’t sneeze?


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