Does Rambo die in Last Blood? Sylvester Stallone's perfect sunset ending!

Rambo: Last Blood dir. Adrian Grunberg 2019

The highly anticipated sequel has finally arrived, so let's dive straight in.

Sylvester Stallone's plagued Vietnam veteran drew first blood way back in 1982, but does Rambo die in Last BloodOver the decades, the character has cemented himself in popular culture and is without a doubt a cinematic icon. Many consider the first film to be the actor's finest outing; although, Rocky fans would certainly have something to say about that. 

Nevertheless, Rambo is one of the most well-known action men of the eighties, who boasts a lifespan beyond that decade. We've seen Stallone reprise the character numerous times, most recently in a fourth instalment.

2008's Rambo wasn't exactly a hit with critics, but audiences seemed to enjoy the star's belated return and would have welcomed another entry soon after. That was the plan, and yet, it just didn't work out... until now. 

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Rambo Last Blood dir. Adrian Grunberg 2019

What is the plot of Rambo: Last Blood?

When the trailer dropped it was immediately clear that director Adrian Grunberg had a new vision for the series - indeed, he did, and it's proven pretty divisive. We are reintroduced to an aged Rambo, who is now living a quiet and tranquil life, very different from the one we expected for him. 

However, the rage is still inside, dormant. 

This is Rambo we're talking about; vengeance and justice will prevent him from experiencing true peace. After a friend's granddaughter is kidnapped by the Mexican cartel, the character embarks on a daring rescue mission to bring her back. 

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Does Rambo die in Last Blood?

No, Rambo doesn't die in Last Blood. 

Although the title suggests that will be it, the ending follows Rambo into the unknown, riding into the sunset ready to fight for those who need him - it's a memorable image. 

The film does well to juggle a more melancholic and reflective tone with sequences of extreme violence. After the trailer, this is exactly what audiences expected, but perhaps people expected more of a character study than the film actually delivered. 

Rambo is up against an army here, and the times have indeed changed. Putting up one hell of a fight, he survives the onslaught. The ending definitely leaves the door wide open for more sequels, but judging from the reception, Rambo: Last Blood Part II does sound incredibly optimistic. We'll just have to wait and see. 

Sylvester Stallone's Logan?

When it was approaching, most were getting James Mangold's Logan vibes.  

Hugh Jackman had been playing Wolverine for years, and here, he finally said goodbye to the character in a wonderful and emotional send-off. Was this the same?

The film infused elements of the western genre, and we were certainly getting similar - although not as well-executed - evocations from Stallone's cowboy in Last Blood. It's going to have its roaring fans, but the majority of audiences expecting Logan with Rambo will be sorely disappointed; this isn't that. 

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