We all want Marvel to get working on a Domino solo movie and here’s why.

Deadpool 2 offers so much potential for solo movie ventures, but the character we really want Marvel to explore further is Domino. Ryan Reynolds failed to bring the character of Deadpool to life in 2006’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but to his credit, the notorious “merc with a mouth” literally had it sewn shut. In Tim Miller’s 2016 film, on the other hand, the beloved actor went the extra mile to redeem himself and won everyone over. It was pretty incredible. 

Back in 2018, the foul-mouthed hero returned to deliver another refreshing superhero vehicle; this time though, he brought company. Audiences were introduced to X-Force, which ramped up the spectacle considerably, facilitating more high-octane action sequences. Of all the new additions, the best arguably came courtesy of Zazie Beetz with Domino. Since the film’s release, fans have been calling for a solo movie…

She’s full of ideas!

Firstly, Zazie Beetz’s passion for the character is more than enough reason to give her a solo vehicle. During a recent interview with CineXpress, she began to express her thoughts regarding the character’s future.

Beetz wants to see “…how her [Domino’s] relationship with Cable develops because in the comics they have a relationship and I think that could be cool to see what that is.” Honestly, that would be cool. We could see it in another Deadpool instalment, but then there’s more of a chance that its importance will be sidelined. 

Interest will wane

With the recent success of Avengers: Endgame and more serious superhero fare, last year’s Deadpool 2 seems like a bit of a distant memory – no matter how much many loved it. 

As the bar continues to rise, expectations for a Domino solo movie could be too high to meet. Essentially, it needs to be brimming with personality and provide a lot of fun. This isn’t the sort of experience people are happy to wait years for, so it would be wise to get it out sooner rather than later. 

Deadpool 3

What better reason than this: It would be the perfect supplement to a third Deadpool instalment. Obviously, we don’t want Reynolds’ iconic character coming in and stealing the show, but we do want him to show his face  – or mask, you get the drift. 

If they were able to roll out the movie before Deadpool 3, or even shortly after, they could both benefit. 


More Zazie Beetz, of course

To put it simply, we just really want to see the actress star in more. Arguably, the role of Domino has been her most fun yet, and there are still so many more avenues which can be explored through the character. 

She’s been great in Atlanta, and we’re also excited to see her appear in Todd Phillips’ highly anticipated Joker. Yet, it’s the character of Domino which demands elaboration, and with her more than happy to return, a place in Deadpool 3 perhaps wouldn’t be satisfying enough. She deserves the chance to go it alone, with a few friends dropping by along the way. 


The golden age of superhero cinema

There’s never been a better time to be a comic-book movie fan; they’re more diverse, intense and exhilarating than ever before. It’s a sub-genre which has down wonders for representation too, as this has always been problematic within the constraints of the blockbuster. 

Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and more have proven that female-led superhero movies are absolutely imperative. Considering the aforementioned films’ success, let’s hope Domino can conquer audiences in her own movie. After all, her superpower is luck…

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