Disney littered their latest Aladdin 2019 film with some of their most prized and delicate Easter Eggs. How many did you catch?

Disney’s live-animation remake of 1992 classic Aladdin has delighted fans both new and old.

Will Smith took to his role as the Genie with ease, comfortably satisfying those old-school Disney lovers who had doubts that anyone could fill Robin Williams’s shoes.

On the other hand, promising lead roles from Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud had newbies eating out of Disney’s hands, hurtling out of the cinema screeching A Whole New World  lyrics while begging mum and dad to take them to the nearest merchandise store.

But whether old or new, who spotted the Disney sandcastle? Did you get these hidden Easter Eggs?

Do you want to build a Snowman?

One of the more obvious Easter Eggs in the film was Disney tying together Frozen and Aladdin.

Did you ever stop to wonder why Prince Anders – one of Princess Jasmine’s potential suiters – was so randomly Nordic/Scandinavian and googly-eyed.

With the second instalment of the all-singing-and-dancing Frozen due for release on November 22nd, it has been reported that Anders was a nod towards the Disney film.

The character is new and does not feature in any of the other versions of Aladdin, seemingly plopped in for comic value and to gently point at Frozen.

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Did you spot the Disney World sandcastle?

The scene that most people missed was a classic ‘in the background shot’.

Moments after Genie had set Aladdin free from the cave, Mr Magic Carpet went about building a sandcastle as the pair discussed the rules and regulations of granting three wishes.

By the end, the sandcastle clearly resembled the iconic Cinderella Castle from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – Magic Carpet even flicked some sand over the castle to mimic the traditional arch that sparkles over the castle.

A less obvious hint at Disney World came in the scene where Aladdin was fronting as Prince Ali.

Before the prince pin-pointed a random location for Ababwa on his map, Genie unhelpfully added ‘Adventureland’ and ‘Fantasyland’.

While these sound completely random and fitting to the non-trained eye, they’re actually the names of sections at Disney Parks.

Robin Hood, Dumbo and Tangled?

Loose links to Robin Hood, Dumo and Tangled have also been thrown into the mix.

You’ll recall Genie taking the form or an archer with a distinct bow and arrow just before Aladdin set him free. Perhaps a homage to Robin Hood.

Likewise, there’s Aladdin taking a ride on a very Dumbo-esc like-animation elephant as he heads over to the palace as Prince Ali, while groups of floating lanterns, similar to the celebrations scenes for Rapunzel’s birthday, clog up the sky as Genie performs Arabian Nights.


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