Booksmart - 5/5 yet it doesn’t deserve a sequel!

Booksmart dir. Olivia Wilde 2019

After Olivia Wilde's directorial feature debut, we're all wondering whether a Booksmart sequel is on the cards.

It's safe to say that a Booksmart sequel would be approached with high expectations. Actress Olvia Wilde (Her, Tron: Legacy) is pretty well known for a range of performances, but it turns out she's an exceptional talent behind the camera too. 

With Booksmart, she has delivered one of the best films of 2019, perhaps the best teen-comedy in recent memory, but more importantly, a piece of work that beautifully captures and speaks to a generation. Some predict that Wilde's debut will go down in history as a classic, and there's genuinely a strong argument behind such an assertion. 

Booksmart dir. Olivia Wilde 2019

What makes Booksmart so important? 

Firstly, the central performances from Beanie Feldstein (Molly) and Kaitlyn Dever (Amy) deserve to be treasured. Their characters are so beautifully portrayed; an honesty is captured here that isn't often present in other sub-genre examples. In fact, Wilde refuses to condemn any of her characters, even if their actions appear problematic. 

It's a film which regards formative experiences - no matter how embarrassing - with love and care, with admirable attention to detail. Some of these teens immediately appear stereotyped, but as we follow them we scratch beneath the surface to reveal much more. Every character is treated with dimension; they're all very human. 

Could we see a Booksmart sequel?

The idea of a Booksmart sequel is likely to divide opinion. You could argue that it's perfect as it is, and it's all too common for a film's legacy to become tarnished as a result of unwarranted follow-ups. However, there will be many who light up at the concept of seeing these characters on screen again. 

At the end of the film, we see Amy leave to board a plane to Africa, in which she'll spend her gap year. It would have been a sad way to conclude things, but before we know it, Amy dashes in front of Molly's car to announce she'll rush to board her flight so they can spend more time together... does this open up possibilities for a sequel?


Does it deserve a sequel?

After the girls' bravery, they could finally achieve popularity and embark on relationships with their once-distant classmates. They could spend the whole Summer making up for the lost time and getting to know those they had more in common with after all, despite disbelief. 

This could be a potential sequel idea; on the contrary, it could be set a year later when Amy returns from a gap year. These characters have their lives ahead of them, so the possibilities really are endless. Yet, a sequel just doesn't feel necessary.

Wilde has delivered something special with Booksmart, and a continuation of the story wouldn't really add to the evocations of the first film. It's a wonderful snapshot of a certain time we all go through, and personally, there's no real need to say "what happens next?" on this one. 

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