Aladdin’s 2019 remake has definitely arrived to a lot of praise, most notably for its stunning setting but just where was the movie filmed?

Disney’s live-action remake of the 1992 classic, Aladdin, hit cinema screens around the world over the weekend and we were greeted with a stunning new take on the 27-year-old animation that will be a great introduction for a new generation of Disney fans.

One thing the new film did bring up, which the Disney original didn’t cover, was the location of Agrabah, Aladdin’s fictitious home city and setting for the story. The city has been a hot topic of discussion ever since the 1992 film was released for a myriad of reasons and not all of them good.

But one thing that film fans everywhere can agree on was that the new adaptation of Agrabah looked incredible, but where was it filmed?

Where was Aladdin 2019 filmed?

Disney’s live-action remake features scenes both in the city of Agrabah and its palace as well as out in searing heat of the desert.

Naturally, a lot of the scenes in and around Agrabah will have been shot in a studio. The studios in question were Longcross Studios in the UK. 

However, the real jewels of the film were the scenes shot on location, out in the desert. It’s definitely a huge bonus to a film to have these stunning locations to add to the visual wonder of the movie, it’s something that just can’t be imagined and created artificially through CGI.

Therefore Aladdin made the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan its home while filming the desert scenes throughout the film.

Aladdin is far from the first film to use this location for filming.

Disney have visited Wadi Rum several times in recent years, using it for both Star Wars: Episode IX and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The Martian also went to Jordan for filming in order to create the harsh and barren wastes of Mars.

But most surprisingly, the location has been used for much older projects too, including Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade and even Laurence of Arabia.  

Where would Agrabah be in real life?

Ever since Disney’s 1992 original, no one has been quite sure where Agrabah would be if it was a real place. The city features so many different inspirations it could easily be a location anywhere in the Middle-East or South Asia.

According to the first translation of the original Syrian tale of Aladdin, the story occurred in an ancient city in China but due to the tale’s references to the city’s Sultan and regular Islamic inspirations, Disney decided on placing Agrabah more in the region of modern-day Iraq and Iran while still including references to the cultures of neighbouring regions.

Allegedly, Agrabah was originally going to be set in Baghdad but due to the Gulf War in the early 90s, this was changed. 

The Sultan’s palace in the original animation bears a striking resemblance to India’s Taj Mahal. As it just so happens, the Taj Mahal is in the Agra region of India, so it’s more than likely that Disney took the name Agra and added the start of Baghdad onto its name to create Agrabah. 

Therefore, based on both of Disney’s films and the original Aladdin story, the fictitious home of Aladdin could, in theory, be anywhere along the ancient Silk Road that links the Mediterranean countries of Israel, Syria and Jordan to China and India hence the multicultural nature of Agrabah.

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