Disney’s Aladdin gave up a whole new look at the world of Agrabah but how did the film’s central character become a Genie in the first place?

Disney’s live-action remake of the 1992 classic, Aladdin, hit screens this weekend and it did a brilliant job of reintroducing the Aladdin story to a whole new generation of movie-goers.

Obviously, the entire plot of Aladdin revolves heavily around the mighty blue figure of the Genie, whether it be Robin Williams’ iconic Genie or Will Smith’s new adaptation of the character. 

However, we don’t actually know all that much about the mystical magician that is the Genie.

How did the Genie become a Genie?

It’s never properly explored during the film itself but there’s a whole lot of information we can pick out without needing to delve too deep into the bowels of the film’s backstory.

For a start, the Genie is, in effect, a slave. He’s bound to a life of servitude and has spent at least 10,000 years in the lamp, serving who knows how many masters.

As we can see in both of Disney’s Aladdin films that the Genie’s one wish for himself is to be free.

Unlike Jafar, who becomes a Genie through greed and a lust for power, the good Genie, who’s never actually given a proper name, was probably a slave to some sorcerer who entrapped him in the lamp, to spend eternity serving countless masters for the rest of time, as a punishment for something.

Perhaps in life, the Genie was an entertainer, like a court jester say, who was responsible for a trick or an act that went wrong. 

Knowing the kind and fun-loving nature of both Robin Williams’ and Will Smith’s take on the Genie, it is very unlikely either of them ended up in the lamp through being power-hungry lunatics like Aladdin’s antagonist, Jafar.

What did you make of Will Smith’s take on the Genie in Disney’s new adaptation of Aladdin?

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