Aladdin 2019: Will Smith's 'bodybuilder Genie' was our only problem

Screenshot: Aladdin 2019

Disney's live-animation remake of Aladdin has received mixed reviews. Will Smith's Genie may have been the best character but that doesn't mean he was flawless.

Will Smith is one of the most recognised, celebrated and talented actors to ever grace this planet.

His portrayal of Genie in Disney's 2019 live-animation remake of Aladdin was hilarious, groovy and delivered a powerful punch of unique personality.

However, 1992's loveable Genie was thrust into Hollywood with pulsating biceps, throbbing deltoids and a random portion for dirty martinis.

Sigh. Where was the need?

Screenshot: Aladdin 2019 trailer

Who played the original Genie?

Aladdin was released in cartoon format in 1992 and has been adored as a Disney classic ever since.

Genie was voiced by the iconic Robin Williams, who brought the character to life in his own unique fashion.

The mysterious blue Genie was more rounded, animated and friendly-looking than the 2019 version.

Screenshot: Aladdin 1992 trailer

Screenshot: Aladdin 1992

Screenshot: Aladdin 1992

The problem with Will Smith's Genie

Will Smith's Genie arguably made the film, alongside Mena Massoud's tender lead role.

An entertaining, feel-good film that will have you humming the lyrics to A Whole New World was only let down by Jafa, who looked more odd than he did menacing.

But it was by no fault of actor Marwan Kenzari. The casting team simply failed to select a face as terrorising and evil as one of Disney's most-feared villains.

If you're known as 'hot Jafar' on social media... you haven't exactly nailed the character.

Will Smith on 'roids

The only problem with Will Smith's Genie was his body image.

Hollywood has become synonymous with pumping-up actors and fuelling them with enough muscle to ensure that every modern lead actor looks like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Yet with Genie, they had the chance to do anything. To leverage live-animation in their favour.

Instead, they needlessly filled-out the already muscle-bound Will Smith with even more bulking slabs of meat. 

Screenshot: Aladdin 2019

Sure, Genie had 10,000 years to hit the gym in his lamp, but the image of Rock-like Genie only made him less relatable or warm as Robin Williams's 92' character.

Where was the need to CGI Will Smith into a bodybuilder for a kids' Disney remake?

Other than that - and the random fact Genie drank dirty martinis - Will Smith's Genie was perfect. 

Review: Aladdin 2019

The film is fun, light-hearted and definitely doesn't deserve some of the harsh reviews it has received.

With the volume of Disney and Marvel films churned out every month, it's much harder to create an instant classic, so don't be disappointed that Aladdin 2019 isn't a five-star game-changer.

Marketable, easy-to-watch and nostalgic - it's still 4 out of 5 stars.

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