Atlus’ localisation team has reportedly removed ‘transphobic’ content from the studio’s upcoming soft remake, Catherine: Full Body.

Catherine: Full Body is arriving in the west later this year, and Atlus’ localisation team has apparently changed certain features thanks to concerns that there was ‘transphobic’ content.

Atlus’ latest title is a soft remake of 2011’s sexy and nightmarish Catherine, and its biggest selling point is the addition of a new lover named Rin.

The studio has given outlets the opportunity to experience the game’s first few hours, and – according to early reports – some features have changed from the Japanese version.

Atlus removes ‘transphobic’ content from Catherine: Full Body

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Catherine: Full Body is its depiction of Rin. The marketing was lambasted for representing her as a transgender ‘trap’, and her true identity further fuelled damning accusations towards Atlus.

Furthermore, one of the ‘good endings’ was criticised online for changing the gender of a transgender character.

Rin’s voice actress responded to the accusations that Atlus is transphobic, and fans have since suggested that the new ‘good ending’ was wildly taken out of context.

Perhaps as a result of the controversy, Atlus USA has reportedly changed certain aspects of the western version. Per a preview from IGN, “Certain characters are properly named in the credits” and “Some lines may have been changed about this character as well.”

IGN didn’t provide any dialogue examples, but TwistedVoxel has shared a few screenshots that show Erica listed as Eric Anderson in the credits, as well as a ‘transphobic’ conversation.

As for other Catherine: Full Body news, Atlus has made the game extremely easy so it’s accessible for everyone, and Persona 5’s Joker is a playable character.