When is the Downton Abbey movie set? Five reasons it had to be 1927!

Downton Abbey

Downtown Abbey has gone down a royal treat! But let's talk specifics...

When Downton Abbey hit our screens in 2010, people presumed it would fade away as just another TV period drama.

But it took a surprise turn and quickly became a global phenomenon. And now it is back for a full feature-length film, which was released on Friday, September 13th 2019. 

With its class politics, historical realism and lest we forget the heart-breaking tales of romance, no wonder the show became a hit!

As the sixth series concluded in 1925, it's worth highlighting why it's time jump males perfect sense. Here are five reasons it had to be set in this particular year…

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When is the Downton Abbey movie set?

Viewers are invited to return to Downton in 1927, two years from where we left off.

The film is largely centred around a visit to Downton Abbey by King George V and Queen Mary. The reigning monarchs of that year will be played by Simon Jones and Geraldine James, respectively.

But what is so important about the year, 1927? Besides this royal visit, what more history from that year seep into the film’s plot lines?

The renaming of the United Kingdom

1927 was the year the United Kingdom was renamed to acknowledge the Irish Free State’s independence under the 1922 Anglo-Irish Treaty – a plot line we’ve followed before in the series.

This renaming was signed off by King George V – a topic potentially to be raised over the Downton dinner table?

The nation was to be known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Screenshot: Downtown Abbey official trailer

The interwar period

In the second series, we see the gritty reality of war on the Homefront.

Since then, although the war had ended, the tensions remained high. The rise of the Nazi Party from the early 1920s, in particular, had been referenced throughout the fourth series.

It would be too much of a jump for the film to be set at the outbreak of the Second World War, but we’re sure the rumblings of political chaos in Germany will be touched upon.

The rise of the workers

The fifth and sixth series had a particular focus on the rise of the working class during the interwar period.

We think this topic will continue throughout the film, as in this year provisions were put in place to help workers.

For example, the Trade Disputes Act preventing strikes was repealed and the Labour Party voted to nationalise the coal industry.

Screenshot: Downtown Abbey official trailer

Revisiting the characters

One major and obvious reason they did not jump through time was so the fans could revisit all of our favourite characters.

If there was a significant time jump between the show and the film, there are certain characters – for example Maggie Smith’s razor-tongued Violet Crawley – who may not have made it to the feature film.

And Downton just wouldn’t be the same!

In other news, where is Marianne filmed?

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