The Judoon are back for Doctor Who season 12, but who are they and what language do they speak?

Remember The Judoon? If you’re a Doctor Who fan we’re sure you will. Well, it looks like they’re set to make a return to screens. 

Jodie Whittaker – the thirteenth Doctor – is set to return in season 12, but she’ll be joined by some other recognisable faces. We just didn’t expect that The Judoon would be among them. 

The iconic series features so many fascinating and imaginative creations, but these are definitely one of the most intriguing. 

So, let’s jog our memories…


Who are The Judoon in Doctor Who?

The Judoon first appeared in the 2007 episode “Smith and Jones” which starred the popular Doctor David Tennant.

They’re a species of mercenaries that have appeared across the series as well as spin-off’s, noticeable for their rhinoceros-like appearance; almost like a human-rhinoceros hybrid. 

This galactic police force has long interested fans, so it’s great to hear that they’re making a return. 


What language do The Judoon speak?

As you may have gathered, The Judoon don’t exactly communicate in English. 

The extraterrestrial species boast their own dialect, which is an odd variation – or strange riff of sorts – on the English language. 

Their words are divided into individual letters, then an “o” is added to all of the letters; also, Judoon word syllables actually start with a consonant.

If you’re interested in the fictional language, there’s a great, niche website here which acts as a translator and explores it further. 

When will they return?

BBC confirms that The Judoon will hit the streets of Gloucester in the forthcoming season. It’s sure to be one hell of a show; how will the Doctor defeat them?

Season 12 is currently in production, but let’s hope we see the iconic alien race return for the first time in twelve years sooner rather than later. 

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