Mass Effect 3 and Game Of Thrones season 8: The depressing similarities

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Game Of Thrones season 8 is depressingly reminiscent of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 and Game Of Thrones Season 8 were both depressingly disappointing finales, and they share a lot more in common than just petitions demanding a remake.

The Game Of Thrones petition demanding a season 8 remake with “competent writers” has surpassed 1,000,000 signatures, meanwhile the petition for a new ending to Mass Effect 3 succeeded in BioWare and EA releasing a free conclusion back in 2012.

Regardless whether you believe these petitions are examples of audiences being entitled miscreants, there’s no denying that Mass Effect 3 and Game Of Thrones season 8 are examples of how not to end a beloved series.

Mass Effect 3 Ending

Mass Effect 3 and Game Of Thrones season 8 had better fan theories

The writers of any creative medium shouldn’t bow down to fans and give them everything they want, but Mass Effect 3 and Game Of Thrones season 8 are both examples of audiences understanding the material and lore better than the actual creators.

For Game Of Thrones season 8, there were a plethora of fan theories regarding Jon Snow killing the Night’s King to become the prince that was promised, and there were also theories for how Maggy The Frog’s prophecy would unwind for Cersei Lannister.

There were also theories that suggested Tyrion would survive but have his tongue removed, in addition to ones that suggested Sansa would end up on the Iron Throne to mirror history. Unfortunately, none of these theories came true, and the showrunners’ endgame was lacklustre and non-sensical.

Arya moronically killed the Night’s King despite it not being her war, Jon Snow became Azhor Ahai by killing Daenerys (but his sword never turned into fire), Tyrion got a perfect ending despite all his mistakes, and Bran the boring ended up king because it was the safe and uncontroversial choice. Oh, and Maggy The Frog’s prophecy was unfulfilled and pointless; she didn’t die by Tyrion or Jaime, and she didn’t die giving birth.

As for Mass Effect 3, gamers will remember the ingenious indoctrination theory that was sadly rejected by BioWare and EA. The original conclusion to Mass Effect 3 made no sense, but the indoctrination theory provided logical reasons for why Shepard was acting out of character, and why Anderson and the Illusive Man just happened to be in the same spot as Shepard.

You can still choose to believe the indoctrination theory if you want, but ultimately it’s the God child that is canon.

Mass Effect 3 Ending Joker And Edi

Squadmates acting out of character

One of the biggest issues with the original conclusion to Mass Effect 3 is that it provided no context for why Shepard’s squadmates were acting out of character.

Players either chose the blue, green, or red option, and then there was a cut-scene of the Normandy fleeing Earth to end up stranded on an Adam and Eve planet.

This made absolutely no sense because it suggested Joker and the remaining crewmates were cowards who had betrayed Shepard by abandoning him and the war. After nearly one-hundred hours romancing and befriending these characters, seeing them just flee and escape the chaos was a painful moment that had players pulling knives out of their back.

It didn’t make any sense as Joker, Liara, Ashley, Garrus, and all the other crewmates were heroes who would die for Shepard, and seeing them leave felt wrong and manipulated. The free DLC tried to explain why Liara and co abandoned their captain, but the path to the Adam and Eve ending BioWare were in love with still didn’t have any logic.

Game Of Thrones season 8 was very similar. Varys was Tyrion’s best friend after saving him from death at the end of season 4, yet the supposed to be intelligent dwarf ratted him out to Daenerys with no inner conflict. As for Daenerys, she became Hitler in the blink-of-an-eye. She was once a breaker of chains who only killed people who wronged her and wouldn’t bow, but she immediately became a one-dimensional villain who illogically abandoned all her morals by needlessly killing an entire city of innocent men, women, and children.

Daenerys becoming the Mad Queen was always bound to happen because Game Of Thrones used to be a commentary about misplaced entitlement and ambition (just look at Stannis’ cruel fate), but the descent into irredeemable madness was too swift and poorly executed. Much like BioWare’s determination to make Joker and EDI Adam and Eve, David Benioff and Daniel Weiss’ determination to make Daenerys worse than her mad father was ill-thought-out and detrimental to the entire series.

Mass Effect 3 Ending Colours

Mass Effect 3 and Game Of Thrones season 8 were betrayals

Mass Effect 3 betrayed gamers because it did everything BioWare said it wouldn’t. Casey Hudson promised before its release that Mass Effect 3 wouldn’t conclude with a ‘pick a colour’ ending, but that’s exactly what happened.

It wasn’t true to the plethora of decisions and consequences the series was built on, and it felt like a cheap and lazy attempt at pleasing everyone by giving them the same ending. It didn’t matter who you befriended, who you romanced, and who you fell out with, the conclusion was always the same except for the colours green, blue, and red. It was a huge let-down that didn’t belong in Mass Effect, and it felt like an anti-climax that was developed by someone other than BioWare.

Meanwhile, David Benioff and Daniel Weiss stabbed Game Of Thrones in the back so they could finish the series as quickly as possible and move onto further ruining Star Wars. As someone who doesn’t even like Star Wars, this unforgivable sabotage is more painful.

They betrayed the series and its lore by ignoring the prophecies or “subverting” them, and they took a dump on the fans by rejecting HBO’s offer for up to ten seasons because they were bored and clueless. There won’t be another epic TV show like Game Of Thrones for years, and Dumb and Dumb (there’s no Dumber) soiled it so they could have a fling with Star Wars.

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Nightmare

The endings killed the series

The biggest crime Mass Effect 3 and Game Of Thrones season 8 committed is that they made everything that occurred before pointless and irrelevant. After completing Mass Effect 3, there has never been an urge to replay the trilogy because the choices don’t matter.

No matter how well you prepare for the war and the amount of loyal crewmates you gain, Mass Effect 3 always concludes with Shepard pretty much dying. There’s no ending with him next to Garrus on the beach, nor is there anything with him and Liara or anyone else.

For Game Of Thrones, it’s just as bad. Both Game Of Thrones and the Mass Effect trilogy are nearly one-hundred hours long, yet there’s no point revisiting all the highs as the conclusion is too big a low.

Daenerys just abandons all her ideals and becomes Hitler with no rhyme or reason, Jon Snow becomes a eunuch like Varys, Jaime ends up not caring about the people despite his character arc, and Tyrion becomes an unrecognisable imbecile.

And the Night’s King is just a flat villain with no motivation, and the confrontations between him and Jon Snow result in nothing.

I'm sure glad I stuck with the series for nine years.

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