Keith Lemon made a surprise appearance in Rocketman and we’re not sure what to think about it

Cinema-goers, eager to see the new Elton John biopic Rocketman, are set for an unexpected surprise during the film and it’s cameo from non-other than Keith Lemon, host of the ITV 2 panel show Celebrity Juice.

But what on earth is the TV presenter, famed for crude remarks, doing in a Hollywood blockbuster?

If you pay close enough attention, you can actually spot Lemon (real name Leigh Francis) in the trailer above but his presence is definitely more noticeable in the film itself.

Lemon plays the store owner who sells Taron Egerton’s Elton John the flashy winged shoes we spot in the trailer. 

He may only get one line in the actual film but it’s definitely an appearance that stands out to those who know the TV presenter.

Lemon’s only other major film role came in 2012’s Keith Lemon: The Film, not one many film fans will remember with a box office gross of just £5 million and a Rotten Tomatoes Score of 0%. 

Thankfully Lemon’s brief cameo did little to detract from Rocketman and, in fact, there was a small titter of laughter from people who recognised Lemon in the screening I attended.

Sure, it’s definitely a surprise to see Lemon’s bearded mush appear opposite Taron Egerton but the unexpected cameo won’t ruin the film for anyone who doesn’t particularly like the ITV presenter.

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