Sony has demonstrated the swiftness of the PlayStation 5 load times in a comparison video with the PS4 pro.

A lot of exciting details have surfaced about the PlayStation 5 and how it will launch with an “appealing price” for gamers, and – to further whet your appetite – there’s now a video which shows the console’s super-fast load times in comparison to the PS4 pro.

The PlayStation 5 is rumoured to launch Fall 2020, and it’ll apparently come with The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered and Grand Theft Auto 6 as a one-month exclusive.

Sony’s Mark Cerny shared interesting and mouth-watering information about the upcoming machine in an exclusive interview with the WIRED, and his comments about the load times have been proven true.

PlayStation 5 load times vs. PlayStation 4 pro

Cerny said in his interview with the WIRED that Sony’s next-gen console would make long load times a thing of the past, and his confidence has now been backed up by video proof.

Tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki uploaded a video of Sony demonstrating the load times of their next-gen console vs. the PlayStation 4 pro.

As you’ll see in the video below, the load time for the PS4 pro is 00.08.10, which is significantly longer than the next-gen’s 00.00.83.

Per Mochizuki’s tweets, the PlayStation 5 will boast backwards compatibility, all new GPU, an SSD, ray tracing, 8K support, disc support, and 3D audio.

The sensitive issues that haven’t yet been addressed are its release date, price, and country rollout.

Sony’s comparison is no doubt impressive, but they’ll need to be careful with the PlayStation 5’s launch price so they repeat the PS4’s success rather than the PS3’s initial failure.