Where does the Conservative Party stand on Brexit?

The British electorate is currently preparing to vote in the European Parliamentary Elections on Thursday 23rd May. After Brexit was delayed, it became clear that the United Kingdom would be taking part in May’s European Elections.

In this article, we focus on the Conservative Party. What are its key policies? Who are the top candidates? We take a look…


Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party. She is also the Prime Minister of the UK and has overseen Brexit negotiations with the EU since the referendum.

May succeeded David Cameron, who quit after learning the result of the Brexit vote. May’s time in office has been far from successful. She has had her Brexit deal voted down in the House of Commons three times and there are frequent calls from both sides for her to step down from the leadership.

Current seats in the European Parliament

Of the 73 MEPs sitting in the European Parliament, 18 belong to the Conservatives. This is the joint most of any party, alongside Labour. 


The Conservatives are currently fifth in the polls and are expected to suffer a dramatic defeat in these elections. This is due to disillusioned Tory voters who are growing increasingly frustrated with the party’s inability to deliver on their Brexit promises.

Many voters are expected to defect to Nigel Farage’s newly-founded Brexit Party. Because May was banking on leaving the EU before these elections, the Conservative campaigning has been lacklustre at best with many Tories declaring that they will not canvas for the Party due to its Brexit failures.

Key policies

The Conservative Party has not published an official manifesto ahead of the European Elections, weakening their standing alongside their competitors.

At least the Tory Brexit stance is clear enough: the party wants to deliver Brexit to honour the result of the 2016 referendum. Aside from this well-known maxim, voters know little else about the Conservative Party’s plans if its candidates are elected to sit in the European Parliament.

If a deal cannot be reached by the time MEPs take their seats in July, which is looking increasingly likely, the Conservative MEPs have no policies to deliver on.

Top candidates

Ashley Fox is the Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament. He is the primary candidate on the Conservative’s list for the South West region in England.

Fox, who also represents the region of Gibraltar, sets out his reason why the public should vote Conservative: because the Tories can honour the result of the referendum.

Daniel Hannan is the man going head-to-head with Nigel Farage in the South East. The Peru-born writer is the incumbent Tory MEP in this region.

Meanwhile, Baroness Mobarik (Nosheena Mobarik) will be battling to retain her seat in the Scotland region. The life peer, who was born in Pakistan, holds the only Conservative seat in Scotland.