Were Team Rocket hinted at in Detective Pikachu? Could the mysterious R gas have something to do with their return?

Detective Pikachu hit cinemas earlier this month and Pokémon fans all over the world have been flocking to see the first ever live-action film in the franchise. 

However, life-long fans of the TV series have felt a little let down that the main characters from the original show were nowhere to be seen, including long-running franchise villains Team Rocket. 

But it looks as if there was a massive hint in the film that Team Rocket could well be returning to the franchise?

Quite early on in the film, we’re introduced to this mysterious gas known only as ‘R’ and it’s fairly safe to say that it causes a lot of trouble for the film’s protagonists as it turns Pokémon from the adorable creatures we know into rage-filled killing machines. 

But could this purple-coloured ‘R’ gas have something to do with the origins of Pokémon’s best-known villains?

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The elephant in the ‘R’oom

As Pokémon fans well know, both human members of Team Rocket, Jessie and James, have a big massive R plastered all over their shirts and both have hair in different shades of purple, so having a gas in the film that’s crucial to the plot – that just happens to be purple and labelled ‘R’ – would be an excellent way of giving the Pokémon villains an origin story that could lead to an appearance in any potential sequels down the line. 

Chances are the film’s climactic events that see Ryme City doused in the rage-inducing R gas, actually created Team Rocket and turned them into the menacing meanies we’ve come to know in the Pokémon TV series.

With Detective Pikachu smashing it at the box office, a sequel to the first live-action Pokémon movie looks to be very much on the cards and it’d surely go down a treat with Pokémon fans to have the franchise’s most iconic villains make a dastardly return.

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