Atlus will respond to submitted questions and messages about Persona 5 The Royal.

Atlus’ Persona 5 The Royal is coming out October 31 for Japan (2020 for the west), and the Japanese studio wants to answer any questions you have about the enhanced edition.

Persona 5 The Royal is more than just an extended cut that features additional characters; it’s a soft remake with better optimisation so players can experience the narrative at a faster and freer flowing pace.

Some of its new features include an extra Phantom Thief, additional areas to explore in Tokyo, unique confidants, and a mysterious character who shares Joker’s bed.

Submit your Persona 5 The Royal questions to Atlus

Atlus’ official website has a section where you can now submit questions for them to answer on their official Twitter account.

The section is titled Morgana Anything Box, and you must fill in a few answers before submitting a query.

You must enter a pen name and then the same pen name in furigana (it appears to work without Japanese characters). This means the Morgana Anything Box is intended for Japanese audiences, but there’s nothing stopping you from entering your Twitter account and email in hope of attaining a response.

After entering your pen name and providing your Twitter account, you can then leave a message/question for the developers (200 characters maximum). If Atlus engages with your query, their response will appear on the official Persona Twitter account.

In other Persona 5 The Royal news, the director is Golden’s Daiki Ito thanks to Katsura Hashino working on a new RPG that will revolutionise fantasy like J.R.R Tolkien did with The Lord Of The Rings, and the extended version will feature Human Morgana.