Could Zac Efron finally join the MCU in wake of Extremely Wicked?

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile dir. Joe Berlinger 2019

Zac Efron has blown audiences away recently and it may be time for him to join the MCU.

We've seen so many terrific performers hop aboard the MCU over the years, but we're yet to see Zac Efron join the mix. For quite some time now, fans have envisioned the actor playing a potential role in the ambitious cinematic universe; honestly, it's surprising he hasn't already. 

There will always be those who associate him with his recurring role in the High School Musical franchise, but he's gradually worked to break away from such damaging ties. It's not that the films didn't launch him into stardom, but they aren't the type of movies an aspiring actor wants to be lumped in with at every turn. He's actually turned in some pretty impressive work across such efforts as Me and Orson Welles, 17 Again and Neighbors.

Efron has always had the benefit of a dedicated fanbase, but much of his output fails to secure a more cine-literate audience. He can no doubt play the popular college bro with ease and depth, but ask most film fans and they'll be unable to recount the star ever blowing them away. 

This is why Joe Berlinger's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is such a pivotal point in his career. So many who have actively ignored his screenwork are deciding to take a chance on him, and that's because the role poses new challenges we've not yet seen him confront. Here, he's tackling the role of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. It's not exactly the work we've grown to expect from him, but at this point in his career, going against the grain is crucial for his evolution. 

The film itself has received middling reviews, but most critics note that Efron's performance is the project's greatest boast. It looks like he's successfully shattered expectations and proven himself as a resourceful and skilled actor; the potential has always been there, but now that he's abandoned his comfort zone it's surfaced for all to see. After attracting praise from demographics who previously dismissed him, it appears Efron is set to continue his climb, perhaps by joining the MCU as Adam Warlock...

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teased his emergence in a post-credits scene, and since then, Efron has been the favourite to tackle the role. Rumours continue to come in as MCU phase 4 discussions intensify, but fortunately, BossLogic has run with the rumours and created some stunning concept art:

It's great casting and considering he's managed to stun audiences with his latest turn, all eyes - even those of Marvel Studios - are surely centred upon him.

The character was teased in Gunn's sequel, so our best prediction is that Warlock will make an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. MCU phase 4 is mysterious at the moment, but there's no doubt fans of both superhero cinema and Efron would applaud the decision. Nothing has been confirmed, but we're hopeful...

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