Square Enix hasn’t provided a release date for the ReMIND DLC, but fans can expect more Kingdom Hearts 3 news at E3 2019.

Square Enix announced that DLC ReMIND is coming to Kingdom Hearts 3, but no release date was mentioned. However, although we don’t know when the post-launch content will be available to buy, series creator Tetsuya Nomura teased that more news could be announced at E3 2019.

Kingdom Hearts 3 recieved the series’ biggest launch yet, and Nomura said after its release that free and paid for DLC would be added.

Co-director Tai Yasue has said that Square Enix can’t talk about if the DLC will include Final Fantasy characters, but we at least know some of the things the Kingdom Hearts community can look forward to.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC – Expect news from June to mid-July

Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC at the series’ World Of Tres Orchestra concert in April.

The paid for DLC will include an additional scenario which is momentarily titled Re: MIND, and it will also include episodes and additional boss fights.

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No release date or price was mentioned, but Famitsu (via Anime News Network) reports that Nomura said more news will be announced “around the time it rains a lot.”

Japan’s rainy season starts early June and ends mid-July, meaning it’s likely that a DLC follow-up will be provided at Square Enix’s E3 showing on June 11.