Sorry Sony, the Nintendo Switch has now sold more units than the PlayStation 4 in Japan.

The PlayStation 4 used to be the big dog in Japan, but now the Nintendo Switch has taken over by becoming the number one console with its recent milestone in sales.

Nintendo and Sony arguably have the two best consoles on the market thanks to their stellar line-ups of exclusives, but the Switch has now surpassed its native rival (and it did without Persona 5).

Rather than being mad about one console doing better than the other, gamers should simply enjoy the healthy competition.

The Nintendo Switch has now surpassed the sales of the PlayStation 4 in Japan

As reported by Nintendo Everything (via Famitsu), the PlayStation 4 was slightly ahead of the Nintendo Switch during the week of April 22.

While the PlayStation 4 had sold 8,047,754 units, the Nintendo Switch boasted 8,042,166 sales. However, things have since changed.

Between April 29 and May 12, the PlayStation 4 moved another 30,003 consoles (counting the PS4 Pro), while Nintendo sold another 83,471 units.

So, as it currently stands, the Nintendo Switch is slightly ahead of the PlayStation 4 with a total of 8,125,637 units sold.

Not bad.

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