Bond 25 has had so many setbacks it’s almost impossible to keep up

To say that the next instalment in the Bond franchise, thus far only referred to as Bond 25, has had a troubled development is very much an understatement. 

From uncommitted actors and wayward directors to script re-writes and an injury to the film’s biggest star, it’s almost as if Bond 25 doesn’t want to be made. 

The problems for Bond 25 began way back in 2015, when Daniel Craig, the actor who plays James Bond, stated that he would rather ‘slash his wrists’ than play the character again. Since then, Craig – who is now 51 years-old – has agreed to play Bond once again, no doubt with a considerable pay rise. 

Up next in the setback saga was the dismissal of the film’s original director Danny Boyle. Despite being hired to oversee the project in March 2018, a few months later and the Train Spotting director was out the door thanks to infamous creative differences. No one knows the full story behind Boyle’s departure from Bond 25, with sources claiming it could have been anything from a general script disagreement to killing off Bond completely in the film.

Since then, the project has been taken over by American director and writer Cary Joji Fukunaga. 

Earlier this year it was revealed that Phoebe Waller-Bridge, writer and star of BBC One’s hit comedy Fleabag, has been brought on board to re-work the script. It is said that Waller-Bridge was drafted in by Craig personally to make the film’s female characters ‘feel more like real people’ and less like the two-dimensional Bond girls of the past. 

And of course, we have the most recent issue to befall Bond 25. The news was widely reported yesterday that Daniel Craig has injured his ankle while filming a scene for the new Bond movie in Jamaica, causing a delay in the filming of the movie. 

With such a troubled production up to this point, it’s a wonder that they’re pressing on with the film, it’s clearly attracted the attention of some voodoo curse.

After seeing so many setbacks, it’ll be a miracle if the film can get completed without any more delays but I guess we shall have wait and see.

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