Pixar has no sequels scheduled after the release of Toy Story 4.

Toy Story 4 is set to conclude a journey which many of us embarked on back in 1995. Pixar‘s feature output began with the revolutionary Toy Story, which opened up the doors for so many stories that have stolen our hearts over the decades. They’re not just great kids movies or even family movies; they’re simply great movies, which can teach or reinforce valuable lessons to audiences regardless of age. The characters are all iconic and have played a crucial part in so many lives, which is why the forthcoming entry is so impossible to resist. 

Fans of the franchise are clearly patient, as since the first instalment there have only been two sequels so far. Honestly though, when Toy Story 3 released back in 2010 we couldn’t have imagined a follow-up or a more fitting conclusion — how can they possibly elaborate on the perfection of the third film’s last act in a manner which feels justified? Sure, Toy Story 4 can be labelled a cash-grab by detractors, but the series really is the crown jewel of Pixar’s body of work. It’s hard to envision them churning out another entry if the story didn’t demand to be told. 

If it were any other franchise, there would be far more doubt than currently exists. Our general faith in Pixar has been reinforced over the years with consistently great work. In recent memory we’ve had Inside Out, Coco, Incredibles 2 and more, proving to us all that Pixar knows exactly what they’re doing. After the beautiful closure of Toy Story 3, there’s no way they’ve resurrected the series to disrupt its status as one of the most satisfying trilogies ever made. 

It’s scheduled for release on June 21, 2019 and is predicted to become a box office and critical sensation. Sequels account for many of the year’s must-see movie events, and yet, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that producer Mark Nielsen has confirmed Pixar has no sequels planned after Toy Story 4. That does seem odd, but fortunately, he asserts that there’s a lot of optimism” surrounding the future of their output; with Pete Docter as chief creative officer – writer/director of Up, Inside Out – it’s hardly difficult to determine why.  


Looking back over Pixar’s filmography, it does make sense, considering that no films we can think of really demand a sequel. But then again, most of us detested the idea of a fourth Toy Story instalment until recently — indeed, some are still incredibly sceptical. 

In relation to the success – both artistic and financially – of such aforementioned films as Coco and Inside Out, perhaps it’s best that Pixar works to release original properties, rather than building on existing titles. There’s so many characters to meet, worlds to explore, and films to be seen. 

Be sure to check out the list of upcoming Pixar titles here, and let’s hope that their confidence in these titles results in more stellar work from the prestigious studios.