The Purge 5 release date — a conclusion to the series?

The First Purge dir. Gerard McMurray 2018

The Purge 5 release date has been confirmed and carnage is set to resume.

Chaos is inbound with the announcement of The Purge 5 release date. James DeMonaco's franchise is set in a dystopian America which has granted all crime legal for twelve-hours during an annual purging of the public's innermost desires. It's a premise which allows for absolutely anything to happen, but due to the series' mainstream sensibilities, it's a premise many agree has never been pushed to explore its full potential. Nevertheless, it's attracted the attention of most genre fans. 

Of all the four entries, the most recent instalment - 2018's The First Purge - aimed to be the most politically resonant; after all, these films touch upon law and order in a disturbing, fictitious American society. However, many critics and audiences felt that its ideas were all too vague, resulting in a film which failed to reach below the surface of its own subject matter. Perhaps people were expecting too much from a which aimed above all to entertain. Now, the time has inevitably come to purge again. 

The time has been set, with Deadline reporting that Blumhouse and Universal have scheduled the fifth instalment for July 10, 2020. A director is yet to be confirmed, as is the plot, but DeMonaco will once again pen the screenplay. So, will this be the last?

Last year, ScreenRant noted DeMonaco's declaration that the next film will likely be the last, despite the profitability of the franchise. At the moment, it's uncertain whether this will be the case. Who knows, maybe the latest script will open up further narrative possibilities. Judging from audience reception though, perhaps the creator isn't intent on exploring his universe for any longer than necessary.

A fifth instalment could really dive into the insanity of the premise and end on a particularly effective and thought-provoking note though, so it's already being approached with excitement. Let's hope, if it is the last, that it offers a satisfying end. 

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