Episode IX must be showing signs of promise if this man has anything to say about it

Legendary composer John Williams has given a ray of hope to Star Wars fans with his first reaction to footage from the new and final entry in the Skywalker saga

Williams has composed the music for all eight of the main Star Wars episodes up to this point and the 87-year-old is set to pick up the baton one final time to bring Episode IX to life with his timeless and emotive music. 

Naturally, Williams has to watch the film in order to give it its signature sound and the legendary composer has revealed his initial thoughts about Episode IX to The Times. Williams states that he is “very happy” with the early cut he has been shown which is a good sign for Star Wars fans as there will be few in the world who know the saga better than the man who created the series’ iconic music. 

After the disappointing reception received by The Last Jedi, all attention has been placed on The Rise of Skywalker to deliver a truly incredible film, an almost insurmountable task for the filmmakers but John Williams’ early comments will surely offer a ray of hope for fans who are eager to see what comes next in the much-loved sci-fi epic. 

As mentioned earlier, Williams has composed the music for all eight episodic Star Wars movies to date but will step down following the Episode IX and the conclusion of the Skywalker saga, which at 87-years-old, I think is perfectly acceptable.

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